My Golden Life, 52+ Hours

I started this show on June 30, 2019. I was so obsessed with it, I finished it on July 4, 2019. I find the story very compelling. I spent most of the time laughing and crying through the episodes. This drama is beautifully acted.

Some characters got on my nerves so much, I got creative in how to punish them. I might have called them nasty names. Yes, I was aware this was drama and all are acting…but I get lost in the moment.

Park Shi Ho. While I do not think about him like I do some other actors, every single time I tune in for his drama, I got caught up and binge-watched until I see everything. He’s a compelling actor. I think there was a scandal in 2013, but it is difficult to judge without all the pieces together. I hope it was rumor and bad judgment all around. I am glad it was not unfortunate enough to get him off the line. Up for dramas. He’s really good.

Shin Hye Sun. She is the reason I watched this show. I first saw her in THIRTY BUT SEVENTEEN, then in ANGEL’S LAST MISSION: LOVE. The translation was a little slow and when I checked out this drama, 52 episodes seem daunting. However, once I started, I cannot stop. It was so fortunate that my trials were all continued. I was able to watch all episodes in less than a week.

The supporting characters were just so wonderful. I was invested in the story. Now, I don’t know what drama to watch. It’s always a problem with a drama that gave me such an emotional roller-coaster ride.

Kim Sa Kwon. I love his character as the friend. I looked forward to his appearance in the show. It is nice to have a friend like that – even if he quailed from Do Kyung’s grandfather. Ohhh, that grandpa, I dislike him so much. He’s so good!

If you have not seen this show, it is worth your time. Don’t skip episodes because it builds on each other.