I Am Gaining Weight

I noticed that some of my size 2 tops are fitting tighter on me. I went to the scale and noticed that I have gained some weight. It is fats but it is not on my breast – which would have been lovely, thank you – but on my back. Ugh. So, I am going to start watching I am eating that’s doing this. Making my carefully selected work tops tight on me. My daughter suggested that I write a food diary or write down what I ate. The only issue I have with that is having to do it. Yes, I have my cell phone and I could easily do it in theory. Having to actually do it is challenging.

About the only thing I have been deligent about recently is watching my Korean Drama and making a list of it. Only because it is not a daily thing. I know I should do the food diary.  But first thing first. Stop eating so many cakes and party at every cute and pretty coffee shop in town.  I see a lot in the course of my job.

The WAFFLE ICE CREAM at ALL ABOUT CHA in Southlake Texas

That is number one. I find so many coffee and tea places all over town. After a court hearing, I would stop by and have a taro latte and some pastry.  In addition, I would come home and eat all the bread and pastry that I bought.

Coconut bread from 85C BAKERY AND CAFE

On the pretext of work, I would park myself in a cafe.

Walnut brioche, white-bean-stuffed pastry, and hazelnut coffee at ECCLESIA in Carrollton

Self control. I know I have come a long way and I appreciate that it is an accomplishment to lose 10 dress sizes. Now, I just have to keep it. It seem fair that I should work at keeping my size 2-4 since I did not have to work going to this size. I was just watching TV and then I lose the weight. 

Le Suit Size 4. I definitely like this size better than 14. I have proof in my closet

That said, my daughter bought me NY Cheesecake pancake from IHOP. I should have taken picture of the pancake. It was so good that I didn’t even think of it. I am proud to note that I stopped at eating just one. I was only going to eat half, but it was unusually good.


8 Degree F

I went to a municipal court who has a judge that makes up requirement as the mood swings. It is frustrating, time-consuming, and annoying. I wasted time and money on this trip.  I minded very much having my time wasted because I like to watch Korean drama in my spare time. After work, husband and kids time, that is.  Unfortunately, this town also does not have a free highway. Everything cost money to get there. To add a perfect toppping to this shitload of crap is that same judge will not “comment” or “commit” to make that requirement official. WTF.

I cannot come home with this foul mood. I stopped by Korea Town to get out of my mood. 8 FAHRENHEIT ice Cream place has a soft opening. I might as well try it. The official menu and pictures aren’t up yet. I ordered COOKIE MONTSTER with blackberry, KitKat, and whipped cream topping. It tasted very good. The picture is crap because I was in the middle of talking with my husband while my pretty ice cream melted. I will rate this store next time. When I am not angry-eating. I do believe it affects the enjoyment of food when one is pissed off.

There is a similar concept dessert across the street called ICE NY DALLAS. That one is a bit pricey, but they also have the mochi topping. I can each mochi topping all day! I was going to have a crepe, but the line was long and I was getting impatient. The place is newly opened also called T-SWIRL CREPE.

Take a look at what I passed up and probably for less calories. I am going to try this place. Probably next month as I am out of town all of next week. I do enjoy pretty food. In fact, I go for looks because I believe if the food looks pretty then it is likely going to taste good. It is not always correct, but it is a good start.