Saturday Date With Chana

Chana and I like to eat at TASTE OF KOREA. It is located at Korea Town off George Bush and Old Denton Road. The same parking lot side at H-Mart. We ordered a $13.00 galbitang or beef rib stew.  With the sides and rice with it, it’s all that Chana and I can manage to eat. We barely finish this. I did eat all sides except for that one on the bottom left. I like the seaweed sides in the middle of the left side pictured here. I even asked for a second serving. Chana puts pepper paste with her soup. I find it too spicy if I do. I just watch in amazement how she likes her food spicy. 

We went to ECCLESIA afterwards. Chana got her Hazelnut coffe and I got my carbs on. Although I should slow down on my carbs. I noticed one of my size small under-the-suit shell is a bit tight on me. I like it here in size 4. While in law school, I was wearing size 10-14 and that was about 40 pounds of added weight to my small-boned petite frame. However, carbs in bread and cake form are just so delicious!  I also like sitting in cafes and doing my work. I like how grown up that feels. I usually go alone so I can decide how long I am staying. I guess I am practicing for when I travel alone. Something that I cannot picture myself doing. I always drag my daughter along. However, I can see the attraction of traveling alone. I am not sure I can do it really. I like company.

What I bought: the round things is a pastry stuffed with white beans and the bread behind is at a walnut brioche. I like the vanilla brioche that 85C BAKERY makes. This walnut version from ECCLESIA is tasty and different. I hate to think how much calories these are running around my body.  They are fun to eat though.  I hate exercise. I tried yesterday on my elliptical machine because of that tight blouse. I couldn’t even last 10 minutes. The only option left is eat less of my favorite pastry so I won’t have to go up a dress size. Boy, am I a little obsessed with my weight. I have gone up several size scale. Starting with 75 pounds and double 0 dress size at the age of 24, to almost 180 pounds with my 6th pregnancy, I have run the range of sizes. I like it here better at 4.