Misty: Korean Drama (I have to Blog)

I just finished RADIO ROMANCE and it was a nice sweet story. I thought I am through with Korean Drama for a while because it took me a whole week to find another one. It was refreshing because I was able to read books. I was not watching Korean Drama and I had time to read. I tried MOTHER with Lee Bo Young and it is very good, but it was not the kind of show I wanted to watch now. I am currently also trying to finish PLEASE COME BACK MISTER with Rain and Oh Yeon Seo. Same deal – great drama, not what I wanted. She was also in HWAYUGI with I got into around episode 10. I guess I just like my story intensely romantic and a little hard to get.

Then, I started Misty two hours ago, and I am about to start on episode 3. This one is about an estranged husband and wife. Wife is Kim Nam Joo and husband is Ji Hin Hee. The KNJ’s character starting thinking about the one who got away, played by Go Joon. GJ’s character seem into sex – awesome sex, judging from KNJ’s fragmented recollection. She appeared to have broken up with him because he’s got nothing to offer in terms of fame and fortune. Then, the one that got away came back. He’s a famous golfer now and married to an old school friend. Frankly, the wife was lucky to have gotten away when she did. This ex/golfer is a man-ho. What’s the fun in good or great sex if you as the wife and every other woman who captures your man’s attention is getting it, too? I am just not into sharing.

So, the story captured my attention. Not to mention that I have the hots for Ji Jin Hee. I really enjoyed watching him in DONG YI and in I HAVE A LOVER. He is what probably what draws me in this show. I HAVE A LOVER, it is not a genre that I usually watch. I did because of JJH. And here I am again…in MISTY. I like how it’s all finished airing. I can binge-watch it to my hearts content. Work gets in the way, but it looks like I will be taking my lunch ( I usually skip it) this week and the next. That’s a whole episode I can watch.

There’s a secondary character, played by Jin Ki Joo (SCARLET HEART, RYEO) offered to drive GJ home and end up sleeping with his. In his car. Of course, there were pictures. I have no sympathy for JKJ’s character. She made her choices and was caught. Now, she has to deal with it.

Twenty-Six Years in Dallas and My First Karaoke Here

My sister’s brother-in-law celebrated his 40th by watching as many Broadway Shows he could fit in a week-long trip to NY. Then he stopped by overnight in Dallas…and we get to share him. We had Mediterranean buffet lunch, then museums, Klyde Warren Park, the Steel Cattle drive, and driving around downtown Dallas. Then it’s up north to ice cream dessert at Paciugo. By the way, Paciugo got this awesome Texan Sea Salt Caramel flavor. Sooo good.

And best of all, I finally made it inside a karaoke place. I wasn’t sure if it was a good one because I can feel the floor being sticky to the soles of my Jessica Simpson Ankle boots. But, we had fun singing our hearts out. I had no clue my little sister is such a rapper. I am she danced and RAPPED to songs I never even heard of! And my little niece Adi was singing to ROAR like she’s a pro. Of course, my nephew and niece from Bohol ruled with their awesome voice and even better dancing.

Thank you for stopping by Dallas, Ted. I wish some of m kids made it but my kids like their weekends spent at home with their electronics.

I Am Itching

I am itching. So much. The only thing that changed in my “diet” these past few days: eating pop chips (ate about 7 since Thursday), KitKat and snicker bars (about 5 since Thursday) and then half a dozen Nilla wafers. And since I went all out, I am now suffering for it. Took Benadryl. Still itching. It is moments like this that makes me swear off junk food forever. I just forgot because I have been feeling great lately. I itch and I am miserable.

This must be how my late son, Yoel feels every single time he inhale something that he was allergic too. It not fun. At all. This is my Eli below.

Time Keeps Marching On

I took my children to Six Flags one Sunday afternoon. But I ended up with one nephew and one child and my sister, Happy, and my brother, Winston. Happy took this picture of me as I was looking at a little girl who siddled next to me. The little girl amused me.

As of today, I just finished 23 weeks in my new job. It almost never have a down time in this type of law. Not a single moment to be bored or yawn my way through the day. It’s always going and always hopping. I am wondering why I haven’t screamed “Uncle” and quit. I am enjoying it quite a bit. I have a few hiccups here and there, but puting it into perspective, it is a small ripple in the lake of my work.

Last Sunday, Yoash and I went to Kroger to grab a birthday cake for my little sister, Number 1, who turned 40 the following day – March 12. Yoash thought it was a great idea to give daffodils along with the cake too. And then he got himself those white tulips because he likes tulip and white in particular. I have to say, Kroger makes great cakes lately. Not too sweet. Bad for my waistline because I can eat a lot because it is not too sweet.

Last Sunday, we stopped by White Rock Creek trail. A part of it. It was fun just hanging out there and flirting with the cliff that drops into the waters edge. A good 8-9 feet drop. Ops. I think I will take my daughter to skate there.

Survived Third Week at My New Job

I have transistioned to a new type of law. Workers Compensation. What is fascinating about this type of law is the hands on management of my cases and clients. I get to utlize a little bit of what I learn from my almost nursing degree and my biochemistry degree. I am a little rusty, but I think this is going to be a new challenge. I work from 8A to 6PM and sometimes, a little longer. I am honestly so busy, I don’t even know the time has passed and most days I missed lunch. I need to set my alarm for this…if nothing else, just to avoid being burned out.

I like my co-workers. Of course, as of the past three weeks, two of my cases that were set for trial were cancelled. So, am still suffering the jitters of that first trial in worker’s comp. Should be better after I took the plunge already. I missed my previous law firm. The people were nice there, too. However, I got a nice office with luxurious space. I am happy. Also, it is really nice not to work on weekends.

Until I realized that weekends is when my husband works. Always been. For the past 26 years. Ops.

A hurdle to cross comes Monday – video recording of me talking about myself. That’s going to be tough. Ugh.

I think that about says it all. Here’s to more years together with this wonderful man.

New Type of Law Tomorrow

My baby as we crossed over LBJ bridge to go to McDonalds. It was a nice and sunny day.

I have been practicing criminal defense for the past two years. Some of the time, I also practice civil prosecution in consumer law. Tomorrow, I am going to learn worker’s compensation. I will have normal day time hours and I will have nights and weekends off plus all of the standard holidays. I am looking forward to that. I miss spending normal time with my children.

Last Monday, I walked to school to pick up my baby and we walked to McDonalds. I will miss having irregular hours but on the other hand, I also won’t miss it.

Right now, I am watching HOSPITAL SHIP with my mother. It is a Korean drama who’s only up to 22 episodes right now. It has Ha Ji Won and Kang Min Hyuk plus Lee Seo Hyun in it. I love watching Korean drama with my mother. We are sort of addicted to it. Korean Dramas.

First Day of School For My Boys

Today is the first day of school for my boys. I only managed to take a picture of my 8th grader. I drove my 5th grader to school and forgot to take a picture of us. My 1oth grader did not want to go to his usual school. He wanted more religious education even if it meant having to learn a whole new language to do it. He is very smart. He will get it done. I was actually waiting for my husband to get him transferred. I do not want to push it. BUT, here we are, first day of school and he wasn’t enrolled in the school he wanted. Nothing really happens in this family unless I do it. Nothing major that is.

When I say that…nothing happens unless I do it, it makes me wonder why the hell did Yoel die? I surely did not want that to happen. He would have been freshman college student now. There were many options for him because he’s intelligent, personally, and determined. It makes me wonder why he did not talk to me at all. Why? Why? Why? It nearly drives me crazy when I accidentally get into this loop. Then I am too exhausted treading water to even talk about it to anyone else. Not the therapist or suicide survivor group we signed up with.

Anyway, I have 4 hours to myself before I have to pick up my baby. Full schedule this afternoon. I should plan out my dinner menu now or end up with nothing.

Last week is the first day of school for my daughter. She’s in university studying computer science engineering. This is us when I meet her last Tuesday after her school and after my court appearance in Sachse Texas. We went for some Freebirds and Berrynaked desserts.

The vegan burrito she got. I bought myself a coconut lime popsicle. It turned out I don’t like sour things with my coconut. Although I like pineapple coconut ice cream made by Haagen Daz. I haven’t eaten any of that flavor in over 6 years now though. I remember how good it tasted though.