My Golden Life, 52+ Hours

I started this show on June 30, 2019. I was so obsessed with it, I finished it on July 4, 2019. I find the story very compelling. I spent most of the time laughing and crying through the episodes. This drama is beautifully acted.

Some characters got on my nerves so much, I got creative in how to punish them. I might have called them nasty names. Yes, I was aware this was drama and all are acting…but I get lost in the moment.

Park Shi Ho. While I do not think about him like I do some other actors, every single time I tune in for his drama, I got caught up and binge-watched until I see everything. He’s a compelling actor. I think there was a scandal in 2013, but it is difficult to judge without all the pieces together. I hope it was rumor and bad judgment all around. I am glad it was not unfortunate enough to get him off the line. Up for dramas. He’s really good.

Shin Hye Sun. She is the reason I watched this show. I first saw her in THIRTY BUT SEVENTEEN, then in ANGEL’S LAST MISSION: LOVE. The translation was a little slow and when I checked out this drama, 52 episodes seem daunting. However, once I started, I cannot stop. It was so fortunate that my trials were all continued. I was able to watch all episodes in less than a week.

The supporting characters were just so wonderful. I was invested in the story. Now, I don’t know what drama to watch. It’s always a problem with a drama that gave me such an emotional roller-coaster ride.

Kim Sa Kwon. I love his character as the friend. I looked forward to his appearance in the show. It is nice to have a friend like that – even if he quailed from Do Kyung’s grandfather. Ohhh, that grandpa, I dislike him so much. He’s so good!

If you have not seen this show, it is worth your time. Don’t skip episodes because it builds on each other.

Empress Ki – A Korean Drama That Spoiled Me

Ji Chang Wook, Ha Ji Won, Joo Jin Mo, Kim Ji Han

The top names in this drama whose characters I enjoyed the most. Even the villains are oddly compelling. I cursed and cussed my way through this drama.

I watched last year the first half, but then Hulu stopped airing. I could not find it anywhere.

Last week, I saw that Tubi app was airing it. I marathon watched the show so I could finish it this week.

I lost a lot of sleep over this drama. I had 2 hours of sleep last night, and I finally finish this show an hour past noon.

I will add more to this later, but just now, I am gutted out.

I need to recover and think what show I am going to watch next. I hope it will be as engrossing.

Misty: Korean Drama (I have to Blog)

I just finished RADIO ROMANCE and it was a nice sweet story. I thought I am through with Korean Drama for a while because it took me a whole week to find another one. It was refreshing because I was able to read books. I was not watching Korean Drama and I had time to read. I tried MOTHER with Lee Bo Young and it is very good, but it was not the kind of show I wanted to watch now. I am currently also trying to finish PLEASE COME BACK MISTER with Rain and Oh Yeon Seo. Same deal – great drama, not what I wanted. She was also in HWAYUGI with I got into around episode 10. I guess I just like my story intensely romantic and a little hard to get.

Then, I started Misty two hours ago, and I am about to start on episode 3. This one is about an estranged husband and wife. Wife is Kim Nam Joo and husband is Ji Hin Hee. The KNJ’s character starting thinking about the one who got away, played by Go Joon. GJ’s character seem into sex – awesome sex, judging from KNJ’s fragmented recollection. She appeared to have broken up with him because he’s got nothing to offer in terms of fame and fortune. Then, the one that got away came back. He’s a famous golfer now and married to an old school friend. Frankly, the wife was lucky to have gotten away when she did. This ex/golfer is a man-ho. What’s the fun in good or great sex if you as the wife and every other woman who captures your man’s attention is getting it, too? I am just not into sharing.

So, the story captured my attention. Not to mention that I have the hots for Ji Jin Hee. I really enjoyed watching him in DONG YI and in I HAVE A LOVER. He is what probably what draws me in this show. I HAVE A LOVER, it is not a genre that I usually watch. I did because of JJH. And here I am again…in MISTY. I like how it’s all finished airing. I can binge-watch it to my hearts content. Work gets in the way, but it looks like I will be taking my lunch ( I usually skip it) this week and the next. That’s a whole episode I can watch.

There’s a secondary character, played by Jin Ki Joo (SCARLET HEART, RYEO) offered to drive GJ home and end up sleeping with his. In his car. Of course, there were pictures. I have no sympathy for JKJ’s character. She made her choices and was caught. Now, she has to deal with it.

The HEART is the Root of ALL Evil

I am currently watching RULER: MASTER OF MASK.  I caught up to episode 28. That screen shot above is episode 28 opening picture. Isn’t Yoo Seung Ho very compelling? I have about 6 episodes left of his older show called I MISS YOU. I remember how intense his gaze is. He can say so much with his face. Episodes 25-28 of RULER takes me through a roller coaster of emotions. Anger, disappointment, pain, happiness, and despair. Yes, all in 4-half hour episodes. 

Why am I saying that the HEART is the root of ALL EVIL? When a heart loves or hates, that’s when evil come. 

One must see this historical drama and others like it and you will know the truth of that statement. This drama explained that even the arch-evil Dae Mok became that way because he loved his wife. When he lost his wife, his heart then passionately feel that he must have power. That quest to power means he does not care what he must do to achieve such power and keep it.

Then, Ga Eun’s father died because the Crown Prince loves his people. His heart is burning with justice and fairness for his people. He ordered Ga Eun’s father to investigate the water mafia. Ga Eun’s father ended up dying for it.

Fake King Lee Seon was driven to betray his friendship (along with some compelling inducement for betrayal) because he loves Ga Eun. They were childhood friends even if their social strata is not equal. Because he has a heart full of love for Gaun and anger at the Prince, Fake King betrayed the Crown Prince. Ga Eun’s heart broke. For her father, and probably for having loved the Crown Prince.

Ga Eun loves her father. The one thing she wanted above all others was to restore his father’s standing. To not be dead forever and ever as a traitor. Understandable. Because her heart loves, she was not able to reason and see clearly that the Crown Prince is a good man. Because Ga Eun’s heart is full of anger, she is blind to the Prince’s genuine love and regard for her. Episodes 26-27 just broke my heart for the earnest Crown Prince who wanted to vanquish the evil Dae Mock before coming clean to Ga Eun. 

If evil means forgetting having the Crown Prince forget the people he set out to protect in the beginning, then the Crown Prince’s heart is also the root of this evil. Dae Mok captured Ga Eun and held her hostage.  The Crown Prince, who is the hope of the people to right series of puppet kings Dae Mok puts in the throne, lost sight of that goal and close to make a sacrifice for himself.

I am not saying having a heart that feels strongly is wrong. Personally, if I had known my son Yoel was going to die soon, my heart would have lead me to do all sort of things to keep that from happening. I would probably turn evil to keep my son alive. Because my heart is full of love for my children. I would do anything. 

Would not having a heart that feel so strongly relieve us of evil? I do not know. I only know that with following the heart, a series of unfortunate events can be unleashed. 

Did you even wonder if the heart really is the root of all evil?

RULER: Mater of the Mask (Korean Drama)

I waited until I have enough episodes to binge on before starting. I hate having to wait for the next episodes. Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun did a great job here. I did not like the first episode where the Crown Prince met Hwa Goon first. Why couldn’t they have him met Ga Eun first instead? 

I really like this scene where they went sailing to find out more about the lack of availability of copper. Copper is needed to coin money and the baddies are hard at work to make that happen. The fake King is barely holding on.  Again, why isn’t the beautiful scene with Ga Eun instead, huh?

I wanted to pair up the baddies princess with the fake King, and the Crown Prince with Ga Eun.  I actually haven’t finished a drama which stars Yoo Seung Ho.  I tried two and got distracted with other dramas.  He is a compelling actor. This is probably the first one of his drama that I will finish and then I am going back and working my way to his older ones.

Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Min Jae – DOPPELGĂ„NGER  

YEO JIN GOO – Age 19. here, I thought Jin Goo was in two shows simultaneously airing.  I like this actor ever since I saw MOON EMBRACING THE SUN from a year ago. I also saw him in ORANGE MARMALADE, I MISS YOU, and ILJIMAE,  He is very good and he plays characters in a way that I forget I am watching a drama.  Then, I was watching GOBLIN and I thought he played the character of the King.  

KIM MIN JAE –  Age 20. I saw him in TWENTY AGAIN (I thought he was very good looking), BECAUSE IT’S THE FRST TIME,  and in DOCTOR ROMANTIC aka ROMANTIC DOCTOR KIM where he played a nurse. I had no idea that he was ALSO playing as King in GOBLIN because I thought it was Yeo Jin Goo. 

Sometimes, I cannot tell this two apart in drama shows. I am sure there are many differences when you know the actors better. However, considering I probably will never meet them in person, I cannot tell them apart right now.  I thought Yeo Jin Goo was having simultaneous airing at both CIRCLE and THE BEST HIT.  I just found out today that it was not.

This is Kim Min Jae in THE BEST HIT.

This is Yeo Jin Goo. 

Lookout – Korean Drama

I am on a romance or romantic comedy binge. I watch drama for the romance and laughs. I am currently watching QUEEN FOR SEVEN DAYS, SUSPICIOUS PARTNER, FIGHT MY WAY and CIRCLE. I caught up with my current shows and watched LOOKOUT on a lark.  I saw that Kim Young Kwang starred here.  I saw him in PINOCCHIO (where I got my major second lead syndrome). He was also in these dramas where I also noticed him:

  2. SWEET STRANGER AND ME aka THE MAN LIVING IN OUR HOUSE – love his acting here.  At first I wasn’t sure how they are going to sell me the stepfather and stepdaughter love team, but then the show did it. Have you seen this one?
  3. GOOD DOCTOR – I honestly did not know he was in this show. I saw it in 2015 and wasn’t really paying attention.  The show was not that extra-ordinary for me to watch it again, but the first episode rocked on that one. Joo Won and Moon Chae Won were very good in this show. I imagine he was one of the interns, I just do not remember.
  4. LOVE RAIN – he rocked the second lead here too. I liked his character here.  I wanted Yoo Na to end up with him. Ops. Spoiler.
  5. WHITE CHRISTMAS – I have not finished watching this. Something always interrupted me.

I thought I wouldn’t like this type of stories, but halfway through the first episode I wanted to keep watching.  I started two days ago and have now caught up to all 12 episodes. Yes, I did nothing but watch TV the past few days. I can also cook and clean and watch TV at the same time.  I really need to learn to speak or understand Korean so I can listen to it when I need to do some serious cleaning.

The characters of this drama have some grievance from a while back and they could not get justice on it.  The latest in the string of denied justice is this detective whose daughter died from a fall.  She knew who “did it” but could not get an indictment because there wasn’t enough evidence. It does not help that the culprit taunt her with the facts. The only thing I couldn’t quite figure out was the culprit’s motive.  Why this highschooler wanted to kill the little girl? Or was he just a psychopath and needed no reason?

The pacing of the drama is good. It keeps me on my toes.  I imagine the show is not for everyone, but if you start watching this, you will probably get entertained.  At 36 episode, this is about a third of the way through.