Unrelenting Headache, Unrelenting Cough

Wednesday night, my headache started along with my worsening cough. I would take Motrin and my headache just laughed in the face of Motrin! I tried sleeping it off, but how can I sleep with this unrelenting cough? I tend to avoid things that happens or food I eat while or on the way to being sick. Tuesday, I had a chiropractor appointment. I wonder if I got adjusted wrong and it caused this horrible headache. I have appointment on Monday. If my headache does not disappear, I would probably stay away from a chiropractor for a while. Not because they did anything wrong. But because I just operate that way.

On another note, my husband bought me this shoes. It is so cute. However, it is not comfortable at all. My little toe on both sides hurts even seconds after putting it on. I cannot figure it out because the shoes appeared wide. I have pointy stiletto and I was expecting pain there, but there isn’t. I would probably return it, except it shipped from China. I surely don’t want to wear it again if it makes my feet hurt. I don’t want to ruin my feet for my other shoes. Like this one below for example.

I know it appeared uncomfortable, but I can stay on this shoes and not think about it for at least 5 hours. The creepers is my daughter’s. She loves shoes that are not tight nor high. She also wants to be taller than I am, but since she’s only an inch taller than I am and won’t wear heels, it is a given that I will be taller than her whenever we are together.

I also really like this Milwaukee Motorcycle Boots my husband bought me. It is heavy and quite unyielding. I thought it would be uncomfortable and painful to wear. It is turning out be my favorite casual shoes. It has about 2 inches of sole in it. I am the girl on the extreme right with the black shoes. I wore it so see G-Dragon concert in Houston on July 19. Took a day off work to drive down to Houston. My daughter came and took this picture of me and my Filipina friends who live in Houston. It was nice to hang out with them for a couple of hours before the concert. While this boots is heavy, it is comfortable once I got used to the weight of it. Here is a closer look at it:


Sick As A Dog

I do not know what that means. Tuesday, I woke up to a sore throat and a beginning of a phlegm build up. My dog Italia is also having skin problems. He's on steroids and other mess to keep the skin inflammation down. But we have to keep changing medicines because it would stop working after a while. I think it is related to the grass in our backyard, so we only let him out in the inner courtyard where there is no grass. The problem is his brother France only want to roll around in the grass, so Italia would play in the grass with him. The day after, he's all red and itchy and sick looking.

I am sick differently. I have productive cough and I would cough for minutes at a time. I cough my way from 2AM to 7AM this morning when I was trying to sleep. In fact, I only cough when I am trying to sleep, talk with someone, or in a room full of people. It is the most annoying thing. It is not bronchitis, yet. I went to the doctor on Thursday. I received codeine and an antibiotic. I have taken DayQail which works for a time. Then I found in my medicine cabinet a Mucinex DM. It expired a month ago, but it is good for 12 hours relief. I took it. It made me woozy but I survived a round of court hearings with minimal coughing. Same with the wedding. I took expired Mucinex DM 12 hour relief, a Motrin, 2 packets of Emergen-C and zycam. Went to a wedding and cough from 6PM until the wedding started. Did not cough from 9PM-11PM, then started again and couldn't stop for 8 hours. Yay.

I wore red to a wedding and my daughter wore roses and skulls. That's so Chana. My mommy of five gut was showing up in the dress. I shamelessly wore it anyway. With my favorite beige Nine West strapped stiletto. We stayed at the wedding til after 11. We dance and talk to people and have good time.

My daughter and I stopped by ALL ABOUT CHA located in 250 RANDOL MILL AVENUE, SUITE 140 – (817) 562-4222 in Southlake before coming home. They make us tea less than 30 minutes before closing. However, they serve it to us in a plastic cup when I know they have those cute tiny glass tea cup for service. How much time would it take to wash those tiny cups? I was watching the time. We plan to leave 5 minutes before closing. I cannot decide whether it would have been better if they said no to our buying tea at 11:26 PM than to give us subpar service when I know they could do better. Also, why put closing time at midnight if you only give crappy service to anyone coming in at half an hour before closing?

The upside is, they still steep the fruity oolong I like correctly. It was delicious. Even in the paper cups they gave us. Would I bother coming in there again when it is close to closing time? Probably not. The service made me feel like I was asking for a handout when I was paying full price. They are officially open. There was no call to make me feel like I was in somebody's house and was asking for a free tea.

On Deciding Which Shoes to Wear to a Broadway Show and a Wedding

 I am deciding which shoes to wear to a Broadway show and a wedding. Just one pair of shoes. I hate having to carry different shoes. I will have my ankle boots for travel and walking around. Even if it’s summer, I prefer if my feet did not get dusty. I am weird that way.

This pair of Steve Madden ankle boots is made for walking!  I also have to bring at least 3 long skirts as we are spending time at a frum neighborhood. I probably won’t bother with a wig. I wil just wear a hat.  Maybe one short wig for the wedding. 
I have this thing where I cannot think of what to pack until I have 2-3 hours before I have to get out of my house. I have no idea why I am such a procrastinating person. I have my luggage open on the floor for days now and it has a dozen underwear for a 5-day trip. I better pack instead of blog or I am going to regret it.

In Which Tropical Storm Cindy Messed Up My Vacation Plan

This picture has nothing to do with Tropical Storm Cindy. But last Wednesday, I have to go to Wilmer Municipal Court and their parking lot is under construction. I have to wade my way through here with my usual favorite shoes. Some spots are muddy and wet with runoff cement. However, I was so proud of myself for not getting any on my stilleto.

I was wearing this shoes. The judge mentioned that one of the office girls got mud on her shoes and have a tough time removing the mud. I was happy to note that none of that stuff got on my shoes. Of course, I must have been a sigh picking my way through the parking lot with my heels and gingerly finding spots to walk on.

Now, back to my vacation plan at the beach at North Padre Island off Corpus Christie. I reserved two rooms at Holiday Inn because my sister and her family is also coming. It was non-refundable rooms. Yes, I know. We were leaving this Sunday, June 25.  My cousin is also going to be there, so it would have been a mini-reunion for us. Yossi is going to turn 13 on Tuesday, so we were planning to celebrate his birthday down there. Then, on Tuesday night, five days before the vacation, I got a text from my sister saying she’s cancelling the trip. As a consolation, she was still going to come.

Now, I don’t handle change very well. It takes me a bit of time to find my foot and right my off-kilter emotions. I ran through gamut of emotions for about 10 hours after that pronouncement.  My sister said there was thunderstorm and she would not go. I was thinking, what’s a little rain, huh? Still seething about the cancelled trip, I sulk all night long.

Then, I found out that TROPICAL STORM CINDY is set to land at the coast along the Gulf of Mexico. The thunderstorm has a name. Now, I freaked out too. Called my cousin in Colorado to warn them. However, they are also monitoring the weather and was stil set on going. I have cancelled my hotel and other reservations yesterday. I feel really bad not being able to see my cousin.

The truth is my uncle died during a tropical storm in the Philippines. The rescuers found his body buried halfway in the sand near the ocean and river flow. I am not going towards a storm if I can help it. So, I am going to New York and Broadway instead.

Shoe Porn and Charm Juk

I finally got to wear my new Nine West high heels today. It actually was not that high About 3 inches. I paired it with a black and white dress I have and went to a court  appearance with it. Some days, I think I considered this profession because of the shoes I can wear.  I was going to be a doctor. But the scrubs is a deal breaker for me. Sort of.

My husband got me this Kenneth Cole dress from one of his walks in GRAPEVINE MILLS MALL. When he first got it a year ago, I couldn’t quite fit in it because I was still carrying my extra weight. But I guess I’ve shrunk enough now to fit into the dress. Even though it is black, it is not so uncomfortable to wear in Texas summer heat. The fabric is light and airy.

My daughter decided to meet with me after my work. We shared some dumplings at CHARM JUK, a porridge place in Korea Town at Carrollton. I ate their pumpkins juk today. Always a good choice. I ordered a small bowl of the porridge as I did not feel like bringing a doggy bag. I have also tried their hot plate selection and they were tasty. I just did not feel like eating heavy food today. I have to keep the size of my butt in check. We are going to the beach in 12 days. I heard about flesh-eating bacteria in the Gulf of Mexico. Guess where we are going?

After eating our food, we went to APPLE STORE in Northpark to pick up our iPad Pros.  My daughter got a 10-inch, and I stick to my 12 inch.  I actually just upgraded mine because my husband bought it about 2 weeks before the new edition came out.  My husband was a little ticked because he wanted me to have the latest one but no one warned him.  However, it all worked out because they exchange my ipad for the latest model. To get the biggest storage, I just had to pay the difference.

I must also note that I am only taller than my daughter if I wear heels. Unfortunately for her, she took after my height. I am barely 5’2″ and I keep shrinking as I age.