I Have a Birthday

Came to work and saw this. It is so much fun! Yes, this is my office. I have fun office mates. They take time to decorate my office like this.

Whoa – a birthday cake from my favorite Korean bakery. The yummiest cake ever. Aren’t I lucky?

Twenty-Six Years in Dallas and My First Karaoke Here

My sister’s brother-in-law celebrated his 40th by watching as many Broadway Shows he could fit in a week-long trip to NY. Then he stopped by overnight in Dallas…and we get to share him. We had Mediterranean buffet lunch, then museums, Klyde Warren Park, the Steel Cattle drive, and driving around downtown Dallas. Then it’s up north to ice cream dessert at Paciugo. By the way, Paciugo got this awesome Texan Sea Salt Caramel flavor. Sooo good.

And best of all, I finally made it inside a karaoke place. I wasn’t sure if it was a good one because I can feel the floor being sticky to the soles of my Jessica Simpson Ankle boots. But, we had fun singing our hearts out. I had no clue my little sister is such a rapper. I am she danced and RAPPED to songs I never even heard of! And my little niece Adi was singing to ROAR like she’s a pro. Of course, my nephew and niece from Bohol ruled with their awesome voice and even better dancing.

Thank you for stopping by Dallas, Ted. I wish some of m kids made it but my kids like their weekends spent at home with their electronics.

New Type of Law Tomorrow

My baby as we crossed over LBJ bridge to go to McDonalds. It was a nice and sunny day.

I have been practicing criminal defense for the past two years. Some of the time, I also practice civil prosecution in consumer law. Tomorrow, I am going to learn worker’s compensation. I will have normal day time hours and I will have nights and weekends off plus all of the standard holidays. I am looking forward to that. I miss spending normal time with my children.

Last Monday, I walked to school to pick up my baby and we walked to McDonalds. I will miss having irregular hours but on the other hand, I also won’t miss it.

Right now, I am watching HOSPITAL SHIP with my mother. It is a Korean drama who’s only up to 22 episodes right now. It has Ha Ji Won and Kang Min Hyuk plus Lee Seo Hyun in it. I love watching Korean drama with my mother. We are sort of addicted to it. Korean Dramas.


Pictures of Yoel on our Trip to Utah

Yoel and I in 2015 on a trip to Utah. Arches National Park. We had fun walking around and wished we could have walked even more. I hope that wherever he is now, he gets to hike to places he wanted to. We didn’t have nearly enough time for the hikes we wanted to take while he was alive.

These two, Chana and Yoel, are like twins 15 months apart. I am sure my daughter misses her brother very much. They were thick as thieves and the first pair to venture into anywhere.
At Arches National Park.

Like here, they went up to this rock formation together and looked around.

He was the happiest when he could walk and hike on unpaved trails.

Our family at Arches National Park on an early morning walk. We were going to climb to the delicate arch, but the Little Ones (As Yoel likes to call his younger brothers) were getting tired. So Chana and Yoel went and hike by themselves. I think it got too bright in that early morning, they went back around without reaching the delicate arch. I love those family trips we used to take. It was never quite the same after Yoel. For my part, it did not seem like a family trip because we are missing one.

On new year 2017, we took a trip to South Padre Island for a few days. I really missed having all my kids together. It wasn’t too bad, but it is also strange to be making new memories without my second child. Yoel was my one child who never failed to give me hugs and kisses every single day that we are in the same city. I miss that. I miss his smiles and his random sharing of things he found thoughout the week. The funny books he’d read to us during family dinners. I wished I recorded some of it and just hear his voice.


Nothing, Absolutely Nothing 

Have you ever have a day where you do absolutely nothing? It seem like today was that day for me.  I woke up after a good 8 hours of sleep. That is a rare occurrence for me.  Yoash, my 11-year old is attending summer classes. I did not feel like leaving my bed, so I asked my daughter to drive him to school. At noon, I got dressed and picked up Yoash.  I also got a call from a colleague asking for a favor. Sometimes, it is not in my best interest to answer a phone call on my day off. However, this job I have now is a good job. I like the environment. If my salary goes up also, it is pretty much perfect.  That phone call means I have to make a detour to Irving.  It was a wasted trip.  However, it was nobody’s fault because I did what I am supposed to do before going, and still, it was a wasted trip.

The good thing about it is the company of my son. We went to Korea Town afterwards to try my current favorite chicken place, GANG JUNG CHICKEN. While driving to Irving and then to Carrollton, Yoash was playing his favorite music with me. It was very pleasant.

We ate our chicken and played with filters while doing so. Facebook filters is my son’s current form of entertainment when he gets hold of my phone. We tried fried seaweed roll. It was tasty. I think next time, we will have an order of it. 

Next, we stopped by BOOKS KINOKUNIYA after we ate our chicken. Of course, he found a blank and unlined notebook for $21.00.  I am not sure what he is going to do with that notebook. He had acquired about half a dozen since this year started. We like browsing through this place, but the prices are rather high. For example, I like their hand lotions, but to get one, it is $25 plus tax. 

We bought our favorite bread at 85 BAKERY AND CAFE. It was Chocolate Brioche.  I think I am going to try to bake a version of it.  We were going to get smoothie but after the boneless fried chicken, there wasn’t room for it.

While we were still at the Gang Jung, Yoash tried a few filters on us. I like this laser shooting out of his glasses filter. Yoash also liked my “smart” look filter. He had me take off my glasses so he can take this picture.  I wasn’t sure how to look smart, but he seem satisfied with that look. 

When we got home, I decided it is time to eat a package of sunflower seeds with shell while watching LOOKOUT, A KOREAN DRAMA. I finished the sunflower seeds.  If you ever want to learn patience and lost weight while snacking, considering peeling your own sunflower seeds.  You are either going to go crazy and binge eat some other junk food afterwards or the process of peeling sunflower seeds is just so freaking long you actually lose all appetite. In my case, I lost appetite at the end of it. The wait is just too long.

Anyway, that is how my afternoon of nothing was spent.  How do you usually spend your “nothing” day?