Forty-Four Consonants and Thirty-Two Vowels

I was sleep deprived today. I stayed up til 5:30 A.M. to read Eloisa’s A Duke Of Her Own. I have been lost in K-drama land for over two years. Then I grabbed a book and I remember how much I love to read. I finished 2 books over Saturday.

On my sleep deprived day, I decided to start learning Thai. I made it to 16 consonants and 12 vowels. I know the word for –

สิง แระ แมว (monkey and cat)

I was supposed to learn more Spanish beyond “Yo no recuerdo del telefono de…”

I can read the alphabet of Hangul, Ibrit, and partial Thai.

I would add picture, but my App in iPad pro is pretending that all my pictures are “not loaded.”

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