Going to Practice a New Type of Law

It looks like I am going to be practicing back in district court and a new type of law. I enjoy my current job. I like the clients, the work, the workplace and my boss. It’s too bad that the money does not go up – the whole place is near perfect otherwise.

Hello O’Conner’s Civil Trial Rules and a new set of deadline. I am looking forward to a new set of challenge. One of the perks of my new job – I can walk to there. It is 0.3 miles from my home. Or drive it in 5 minutes…and better yet, my income is proportional to my talents and efforts. Now, I get to see just how much I can go. Though my husband said it is not about the money. But it kind of is and kind of isn’t.

Here are my front door roses. They bloom making me very happy and sort of guilty. I haven’t taken care of it as I should. But now that I won’t be driving 2 hours to work daily – those 10 hours I freed up…I will try to water my flowers.

Forty-Four Consonants and Thirty-Two Vowels

I was sleep deprived today. I stayed up til 5:30 A.M. to read Eloisa’s A Duke Of Her Own. I have been lost in K-drama land for over two years. Then I grabbed a book and I remember how much I love to read. I finished 2 books over Saturday.

On my sleep deprived day, I decided to start learning Thai. I made it to 16 consonants and 12 vowels. I know the word for –

สิง แระ แมว (monkey and cat)

I was supposed to learn more Spanish beyond “Yo no recuerdo del telefono de…”

I can read the alphabet of Hangul, Ibrit, and partial Thai.

I would add picture, but my App in iPad pro is pretending that all my pictures are “not loaded.”