2018 Drama and Movie List

5 – Excellent, enjoyed it in every way. Grabbed my attention the first time around, and will probably watch it again. Drop everything else and watch this now.

4 – Very good, but it took me two tries to watch the show, or I wasn’t as obsessed with it as I thought I would be. However, once I got into it, I couldn’t stop.

3 – Good, and still worth watching the whole show. You might not like it as much as I did.

2 – Okay, probably won’t make it to this list because I won’t be able to finish it. If I did, it is probably because I have nothing else to watch.

1 – Not on the list either. It’s because I have started many shows and did not finish it. What’s the point of putting them on my list.

(Number of episodes), [My rating as explained above], {Date I finished watching the series}.

1. Last Minute Romance (2) [5] – {1 January 2018} – I enjoyed it a lot and I wish it was longer. It is worth watching. Lee Seo Won was the reason I watched it. Can he get any cuter? But Han Seung Yeon was perfect for this.

2. What Happened to Monday (1)[5] – {2 January 2018} – entertaining dystopian universe story. Naomi Rapaci rocks with Willem Dafoe.

3. Lookout (32)[4] – {6 January 2018} – Kim Young Kwang is great as usual. I enjoy his dramas. Will probably continue watching more of his. Kim Tae Hoon is in it too (second lead in INNOCENT MAN and FANTASTIC). He’s adorable as always.