New Type of Law Tomorrow

My baby as we crossed over LBJ bridge to go to McDonalds. It was a nice and sunny day.

I have been practicing criminal defense for the past two years. Some of the time, I also practice civil prosecution in consumer law. Tomorrow, I am going to learn worker’s compensation. I will have normal day time hours and I will have nights and weekends off plus all of the standard holidays. I am looking forward to that. I miss spending normal time with my children.

Last Monday, I walked to school to pick up my baby and we walked to McDonalds. I will miss having irregular hours but on the other hand, I also won’t miss it.

Right now, I am watching HOSPITAL SHIP with my mother. It is a Korean drama who’s only up to 22 episodes right now. It has Ha Ji Won and Kang Min Hyuk plus Lee Seo Hyun in it. I love watching Korean drama with my mother. We are sort of addicted to it. Korean Dramas.

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