Survived Third Week at My New Job

I have transistioned to a new type of law. Workers Compensation. What is fascinating about this type of law is the hands on management of my cases and clients. I get to utlize a little bit of what I learn from my almost nursing degree and my biochemistry degree. I am a little rusty, but I think this is going to be a new challenge. I work from 8A to 6PM and sometimes, a little longer. I am honestly so busy, I don’t even know the time has passed and most days I missed lunch. I need to set my alarm for this…if nothing else, just to avoid being burned out.

I like my co-workers. Of course, as of the past three weeks, two of my cases that were set for trial were cancelled. So, am still suffering the jitters of that first trial in worker’s comp. Should be better after I took the plunge already. I missed my previous law firm. The people were nice there, too. However, I got a nice office with luxurious space. I am happy. Also, it is really nice not to work on weekends.

Until I realized that weekends is when my husband works. Always been. For the past 26 years. Ops.

A hurdle to cross comes Monday – video recording of me talking about myself. That’s going to be tough. Ugh.

I think that about says it all. Here’s to more years together with this wonderful man.

In Which My Daughter and I Drove to Houston to See a G-Dragon Concert

I am usually on call on Wednesday night. I traded my schedule with a colleague who was going to Europe. I still have court hearing at 9AM. My daughter’s car picked up a nail, so while I was at the hearing, she had it fixed. On the way to Houston, we stopped by Navarro County Courthouse. I like touring the historic courthouse around different counties of Texas. Took a lot of pictures. I met with a law school classmate and he showed us around the courthouse and introduced us to his colleagues.

The courthouse has lovely marble columns. Air conditioning was nice and cold. This is the second courthouse I saw that isn’t made of red stone. Right now, I am sitting in Dallas Civil Courts picture windows looking right at Old Red, a museum now.

New Type of Law Tomorrow

My baby as we crossed over LBJ bridge to go to McDonalds. It was a nice and sunny day.

I have been practicing criminal defense for the past two years. Some of the time, I also practice civil prosecution in consumer law. Tomorrow, I am going to learn worker’s compensation. I will have normal day time hours and I will have nights and weekends off plus all of the standard holidays. I am looking forward to that. I miss spending normal time with my children.

Last Monday, I walked to school to pick up my baby and we walked to McDonalds. I will miss having irregular hours but on the other hand, I also won’t miss it.

Right now, I am watching HOSPITAL SHIP with my mother. It is a Korean drama who’s only up to 22 episodes right now. It has Ha Ji Won and Kang Min Hyuk plus Lee Seo Hyun in it. I love watching Korean drama with my mother. We are sort of addicted to it. Korean Dramas.