A Stop at Aztec Ruins

We were on our way to Ouray, Colorado after spending a night in Albuquerque. This place looked interesting, so we stopped. Got rained on and almost skipped it, but we persevere through the weather and cranky Yoash – my baby in sweatshirt.

We saw a snake in one of the chambers. My husband and I thought it was a green rope. Whew. It was a long snake.

My kids + Yoel who isn’t here

A Lunch Date

were we sat and ate our Zoie’s take-out

I have been having trouble sleeping. I know it is because I like watching subtitled Korean and Chinese drama. I also like my work, so I would work remotely for 8 hours, interact with my five children and husband, then after all that, settle down to watch my dramas. I would find myself awake at 5 a.m. when at 8 a.m. I have to start calling clients, opposing counsels, courts, etc.

Today, I found myself nodding off at 1 p.m. I went out of my house to walk around the block because I thought the sun might wake me up. My husband was leaving to mail something. I hitched a ride with with him. That was how we end up with a lunch date at a lovely park 4 miles away.

I sat in the car while my husband got our food

I walked with hubby around the park for a bit. It was very nice to be out and about. I did not have my mask, but we I was far enough away from anyone to worry about it. I saw a lady in bathing suit sitting on a blanket reading a magazine. I saw a half-naked buffed man running and a lady in skin-tight exercise clothing running. I also saw a lady fo size going up and down the stairs for exercise. If the stairs lady keeps it up, she will be fit, indeed. All things being equal.

Now, I am back at my computer, reviewing a file for deposition in two days. The best part is, I am now awake.

It’s May 13, 2020


So many things have happened since I posted about watching MY GOLDEN LIFE. I have seen many wonderful dramas since this. I should be busy because I handle about 200 personal injury cases on my own. Well, I have two paralegals, but all the directing, trial, and movement of the case is all mine. However, I make time for drama. I trade my sleep for it. (It’s probably making me fat…watching TV while not exercising).

I took my mother to South Korea for her October birthday trip. That picture above is from that trip. It was wonderful. We went on a hike, quite a few times. Around that time, we were told to stay away from DMZ because there’s a new type of flu that was floating around. We were fine with not going to DMZ because there are so much of South Korea we could see. I’ll have to post about it another time.

When COVID started and we were forced to work from home, I would sneak into the office because I like my multiple screen. I gave up my desk top sometime in 2014, while I was still in law school. I have a lap top which I used to take the bar exam in July 2015. My iPad Pro could access my remote office, but it is not as efficient use of my time. Then, two weeks ago, I decided to use my lap top and really WFH. I have not been back to my office yet.

October 2019. Went to Gangneung with my mama and baby brother.

Our firm informed us that our offices will open again, though limited and with much care. Bo hooo. I am just getting used to working from home. I took my first deposition at home. Yesterday. I set up Google Phone to contact clients and adjusters. It is great. I can keep it separate from my cell phone. Why have I not considered Google Phone before? I love the ease of using it. I love the ease of sending text to my clients who are not great with answer phone calls.

I have not posted in a long while. I have been meaning to, but I write and write and write ad nauseum for a living. No wonder I am not blogging as much as I wanted to. In a week, it will be a year since I started practicing in personal injury law. I am enjoying my work – prepping for trials and sometimes losing on motions.