A Writing Hobby

I am thrilled to pick up sending and receiving postcards again. I have a few below. I like the short snippets of the sender’s life that travels with the postcards. Below are the images of the postcards I sent in May and June.

Below are the postcards I received. I like receiving. I should scan the stamps, too, as they are very lovely. The graphics card is one of the only 3 I received since I started postcrossing. I like the whimsical ones.

I meant to blog more, but when I have a job which requires a lot of reading and writing, I find myself blogging less and less. I have a vacation coming up. I should have a few post up by then.

A Short Walk With My Youngest Nieces

With Adi and Zip

I missed Zip’s April 8 birthday and tried to make it up with a little hike and brunch.

These two girls are a year apart and are BFFs. I love spending time with these two.
We went down to White Rock Creek and toss some stones into the water. I still can’t skip rocks at all.
At the top of the stairs at Stirr
We ordered a lot of beautiful food, but this one is my favorite dessert.
The wings. It all came stacked like that and the whole appendage. Poor chicken. Yummy though.

Trip to Ouray, Colorado in Mid-July

Strolling up to Box Canyon Falls – my husband and two youngest children.
We wanted to hike up the Box Canyon Falls trail, however, the rain started pouring…and I dislike mud as much as I like nature. We turned around after a short way up the trail. Will definitely come back and hike.

I like taking my family on road trips and vacation at least 3x a year to somewhere. With Covid, it was a challenge. I wanted us to be safe. However, we manage to visit Ouray and it was beautiful.

On the way to Cascade Falls

My two boys and I hiked up to Cascade Falls from our hotel in Matterhorn. It turned out to be a more strenuous hike for us from Dallas and our flat lands. The view was worth it and my sons enjoyed it.

My 18 year old son loves climbing all over this place. I was slightly scared he would get injured, but we went home scot-free.
This is from an overlook at the Black Canyon of the Gunnisson. This is truly one of those places that a picture does not do it any justice. It was spectacular. I just could not get the right picture to show it’s majestic views.
At one of the overlooks on the way to Ouray. Beautiful spot to look at these pile of dirt and rocks.