My Golden Life, 52+ Hours

I started this show on June 30, 2019. I was so obsessed with it, I finished it on July 4, 2019. I find the story very compelling. I spent most of the time laughing and crying through the episodes. This drama is beautifully acted.

Some characters got on my nerves so much, I got creative in how to punish them. I might have called them nasty names. Yes, I was aware this was drama and all are acting…but I get lost in the moment.

Park Shi Ho. While I do not think about him like I do some other actors, every single time I tune in for his drama, I got caught up and binge-watched until I see everything. He’s a compelling actor. I think there was a scandal in 2013, but it is difficult to judge without all the pieces together. I hope it was rumor and bad judgment all around. I am glad it was not unfortunate enough to get him off the line. Up for dramas. He’s really good.

Shin Hye Sun. She is the reason I watched this show. I first saw her in THIRTY BUT SEVENTEEN, then in ANGEL’S LAST MISSION: LOVE. The translation was a little slow and when I checked out this drama, 52 episodes seem daunting. However, once I started, I cannot stop. It was so fortunate that my trials were all continued. I was able to watch all episodes in less than a week.

The supporting characters were just so wonderful. I was invested in the story. Now, I don’t know what drama to watch. It’s always a problem with a drama that gave me such an emotional roller-coaster ride.

Kim Sa Kwon. I love his character as the friend. I looked forward to his appearance in the show. It is nice to have a friend like that – even if he quailed from Do Kyung’s grandfather. Ohhh, that grandpa, I dislike him so much. He’s so good!

If you have not seen this show, it is worth your time. Don’t skip episodes because it builds on each other.

Going to Practice a New Type of Law

It looks like I am going to be practicing back in district court and a new type of law. I enjoy my current job. I like the clients, the work, the workplace and my boss. It’s too bad that the money does not go up – the whole place is near perfect otherwise.

Hello O’Conner’s Civil Trial Rules and a new set of deadline. I am looking forward to a new set of challenge. One of the perks of my new job – I can walk to there. It is 0.3 miles from my home. Or drive it in 5 minutes…and better yet, my income is proportional to my talents and efforts. Now, I get to see just how much I can go. Though my husband said it is not about the money. But it kind of is and kind of isn’t.

Here are my front door roses. They bloom making me very happy and sort of guilty. I haven’t taken care of it as I should. But now that I won’t be driving 2 hours to work daily – those 10 hours I freed up…I will try to water my flowers.

Forty-Four Consonants and Thirty-Two Vowels

I was sleep deprived today. I stayed up til 5:30 A.M. to read Eloisa’s A Duke Of Her Own. I have been lost in K-drama land for over two years. Then I grabbed a book and I remember how much I love to read. I finished 2 books over Saturday.

On my sleep deprived day, I decided to start learning Thai. I made it to 16 consonants and 12 vowels. I know the word for –

สิง แระ แมว (monkey and cat)

I was supposed to learn more Spanish beyond “Yo no recuerdo del telefono de…”

I can read the alphabet of Hangul, Ibrit, and partial Thai.

I would add picture, but my App in iPad pro is pretending that all my pictures are “not loaded.”

Gone to Houston for the Day

I drove 9 hours round trip to Houston last Thursday for a hearing. Hearing lasted an hour. Still, it was a nice break from my routine. Too bad my Houston friends were busy at work and I could not stay past 5pm because I have work the next day.

I almost finished the audiobook for DEFENDING JACOB. Made it to chapter 32, but then my loan period expired. I will have to wait to get it back and listened the rest of the way. Was Jacob pronounced “not guilty”? I do not know because I did not make it to the verdict part of the story. So, is there really a murder gene? And the book mentioned that once you’re accused of murder, you might not be found “guilty beyond reasonable doubt” but there is no finding of “NOT guilty or innocent beyond reasonable doubt.” What you have is the prosecution unable to prove that you are “guilty beyond reasonable doubt.” So unfair. The stain stays.

That’s me below, in my daughter’s car because it was my carpool day to pick up 7 boys. My husband had to do it because I am pretty sure I would not be back in time for my carpool

Below, my 10+-mile detour from highway 45 because of an hour slow down. What a scenic route it was. I might drive there around fall to see if the leaves on those trees changes color. It was handy because once my detour put me back on 45, it was the exit to Bucees. Gas, beef jerky, and roasted cashew. Clean restrooms too.

After my hearing, I went to this shopping center where there was 4 Filipino stores. Went to all four, got lots of goodies, ingest tons of calories…Gold Ribbon and their fantastic carbs. Jollibee is next to it – Chicken Joy, peach mango pie, and adobo rice. My daughter’s boyfriend Joey was thrilled I carted those things back to Dallas.

I left Houston with these skyline and much traffic on the highway. Still, it was a fun drive and a productive one. I hope I won that case. It is right at the edge of yes/no, I am curious how the judge will decide.

Came home to Dallas with these skies and an almost empty fuel…also with much traffic.

First of September

A month of mix blessings. There was a death of a beloved son 2 years ago and 5 birthdays – 2 of which are my children. Two years ago, it was a death, a 19th birthday, a funeral, and then a 15th birthday. To say that it was a difficult month of 2016 is an understatement of epic proportions.

Back in late June to Early August, we went on a family trip of five-thousand-plus miles. Visited and drove through 11 states, walked around and visited at least three National Parks.

Walked and swam in the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco.

After Mount Rushmore, Rocky Mountains, and Yosemite stops

At Sutro Baths — beautiful day for walking

Hiked and got bitten by freaky huge mosquitoes in Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite – hike through the re-planting forest – where we took turns taking pictures. Our Abba flew back to Texas for the Yosemite portion of our trip.

Drove up Rocky Mountains National Park where I was a little scared of the railing-less mountain road. Going off-road up there would mean a certain death or at least very mangled.

Abi and Yossi at the highest part of Rocky Mountains. We could not persuade Yoash to climb up the last few feet to this peak.

Saw Texas version of Stone Henge – not bad at all.

Last stop before home — we had fun with sunset silhouette shots

We saw beautiful land formations after visiting Mount Rushmore. We saw a lot. Even cows who huddled together as if it is a mortal sin to stay further than a tail-length away. This from the states of Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Cows were scattered away from earth other in Wyoming and Colorado. We did not see cows in Utah or even Nevada.

A very nice lady took our picture when we were at Mount Rushmore. First stop we did…we had to sleep at North Platte Nebraska before making it here. We drove through Oklahoma and Kansas. It was still worth the drive

Empress Ki – A Korean Drama That Spoiled Me

Ji Chang Wook, Ha Ji Won, Joo Jin Mo, Kim Ji Han

The top names in this drama whose characters I enjoyed the most. Even the villains are oddly compelling. I cursed and cussed my way through this drama.

I watched last year the first half, but then Hulu stopped airing. I could not find it anywhere.

Last week, I saw that Tubi app was airing it. I marathon watched the show so I could finish it this week.

I lost a lot of sleep over this drama. I had 2 hours of sleep last night, and I finally finish this show an hour past noon.

I will add more to this later, but just now, I am gutted out.

I need to recover and think what show I am going to watch next. I hope it will be as engrossing.