Leaving Dallas and Arriving in New York with Just Yossi and I

My sister Happy came to my house to drive Yossi and I to DFW.  She came at 5A and had to wait 20 minutes for us to get ourselves together. I am so lucky to have a sister who cares. She got us to the airport in plenty of time.

At the airport, after we got our boarding passes and has gone through security, we have an hour to kill. We went to TGI Fridays and got ourselves some omelet and French toast. Then, it was time to board the plane. With 20 minutes to spare before boarding, I came up with the brilliant idea to have Yossi’s IOS updated.  It was so slow, it waited all of those minutes and more.  Right before we have to board, installation was complete. I thought his phone would be no better than a paperweight if the update was not completed. Brilliant idea, mine.

We finally got on the plane and proceeded to sleep. We stayed up almost all night doing nothing, we had no trouble falling asleep.

The skies were pretty awesome when we were above Dallas. There was Tropical Storm Cindy that day after all and I guess that was why the clouds were awesome.

We took some pictures of it and then passed out. We woke up almost 3 hours later when we landed in La Guardia Airport.

We were excited to find out that LA GUARDIA PLAZA HOTEL is only 4 miles from the airport and they have free shuttle. We got on the shuttle and proceeded to wait for my husband and daughter to arrive on a flight 3 hours after ours. 

This is Yossi at the lobby of our hotel getting occupied as I decide what to do. We surfed for places to eat because we thought we might be hungry already. It is actually a case of boredom and wanting something to do. We found LA GUARDA CAFE. Before checking out how far the place was, we ordered Uber. We were going to go to Queens Museum after we checked our bags at the hotel, however, we did not have coins for the bus to take us to the museum. We only have paper money and there was no place to buy Metro Card. We walked towards block 100 of Ditmars Avenue and then walked back to the hotel.

We ended up having to wait for Uber about half an hour, and then we found out that the place we want to go to was about an 8 minute walk from where we were. The ride was about 9 dollars and it was going to cost us 5 dollars to cancel after 5 minutes have passed. Bummer. We waited and got the Uber after we have to tell the driver how to get to the hotel. With about 80 minutes to spare this my husband and daughter arrive, we were finally at the cafe. The food was great. I tried their goat and beef stew. It came with brown rice with beans, and then plantain and cassava. 

LA GUARDIA CAFE is a small place, however, the place is tastefully decorated and they office delicious food. Here’s Yoss and the food we got. 

This is the brown rice, banana, and goat stew. Very delicious. I love it.

This is the beef stew with the cassava and it is delicious, too.

On Deciding Which Shoes to Wear to a Broadway Show and a Wedding

 I am deciding which shoes to wear to a Broadway show and a wedding. Just one pair of shoes. I hate having to carry different shoes. I will have my ankle boots for travel and walking around. Even if it’s summer, I prefer if my feet did not get dusty. I am weird that way.

This pair of Steve Madden ankle boots is made for walking!  I also have to bring at least 3 long skirts as we are spending time at a frum neighborhood. I probably won’t bother with a wig. I wil just wear a hat.  Maybe one short wig for the wedding. 
I have this thing where I cannot think of what to pack until I have 2-3 hours before I have to get out of my house. I have no idea why I am such a procrastinating person. I have my luggage open on the floor for days now and it has a dozen underwear for a 5-day trip. I better pack instead of blog or I am going to regret it.

Dinner at Home With My Sister’s Family

This is a vegan MUNG BEAN recipe I found online. It calls for stir-frying cumin at the start and ends with coconut milk. I used powdered because the aroma comes out very nice.  There’s also cayenne powder to make it interesting. My children would eat this even as they lament that they do not like meat-free dishes.  But here it is and they like it a lot. I did not serve soup because it was 100F outside. I could have serve cold soup, but I just cannot make myself eat cold soup. I am not used to it. I was going to make potato kugel in muffins cups, but I ran out of time. I was tired, and I had a Chiro appointment at 430P.  I cooked half the food before I left, and then finished up when I came back.  I also had to fit replacing my windhields because a pebble broke it.

This is a Korean Beef BBQ. I have some beef which I started out curbing and got bored.  The slices lack uniformity. Ugh. So, I oven grilled the beef slices with some herbs. Random herbs which I think smelled great. After it is all browned, I added the Korean BBQ sauce in in and added carrots and bell pepper. I simmer it until the liquid are reduced.  The meat came out soft and full of flavor. The combination cannot be beat. I also had chicken snitzchel, but I did not make it. I do not have picture of it either. There’s an Israeli restaurant called MILK AND HONEY and in my opinion, they make the best snitzchel. My sister likes to order from there. 

This is a squash medley.  It has yellow squash, zucchini squash and acorn squash. My daughter’s current favorite squash is acorn squash. It is also my favorite squash to cook because it cooks fast. It also has nice taste and texture.  If you happen to overcooked it, just add broth to your stir fry and now you have a nice rich soup. I can’t lose. I think if I eat a lot of this, my vision might actually get better. Is this not the color of veggies that is good for the eyes?

My vegetarian spaghetti. I used canned tomato sauce, diced bell peppers and red onion and garlic.  At the beginning, I stir fried powdered cumin and coriander. Then I tossed in some Tone’s spaghetti spice mixture, Tone’s Tuscan Garlic, and powdered ginger. I know. I tend to play around with spices. The downside is, I can’t recall which spice and in what ratio did I mix. I tried to keep a record, but I am just a rebel cook. I would look at a recipe and proceed to butcher it.  The red came from just the canned tomato sauce. If you boil the tomato sauce past 20 minutes, it will make it a nice coloring for the spaghetti. I dislike pale spaghetti and I never have tomato paste every tine I need one. This is a great solution.

For dessert, we had slices of mango, watermelon, cantaloupe, and avocado.  My daughter, Chana,  eyed the dessert choice balefully. She is not fond of watermelon or it’s relatives. She dislikes it.  She does not care enough for watermelon to hate it.

8 Degree F

I went to a municipal court who has a judge that makes up requirement as the mood swings. It is frustrating, time-consuming, and annoying. I wasted time and money on this trip.  I minded very much having my time wasted because I like to watch Korean drama in my spare time. After work, husband and kids time, that is.  Unfortunately, this town also does not have a free highway. Everything cost money to get there. To add a perfect toppping to this shitload of crap is that same judge will not “comment” or “commit” to make that requirement official. WTF.

I cannot come home with this foul mood. I stopped by Korea Town to get out of my mood. 8 FAHRENHEIT ice Cream place has a soft opening. I might as well try it. The official menu and pictures aren’t up yet. I ordered COOKIE MONTSTER with blackberry, KitKat, and whipped cream topping. It tasted very good. The picture is crap because I was in the middle of talking with my husband while my pretty ice cream melted. I will rate this store next time. When I am not angry-eating. I do believe it affects the enjoyment of food when one is pissed off.

There is a similar concept dessert across the street called ICE NY DALLAS. That one is a bit pricey, but they also have the mochi topping. I can each mochi topping all day! I was going to have a crepe, but the line was long and I was getting impatient. The place is newly opened also called T-SWIRL CREPE.

Take a look at what I passed up and probably for less calories. I am going to try this place. Probably next month as I am out of town all of next week. I do enjoy pretty food. In fact, I go for looks because I believe if the food looks pretty then it is likely going to taste good. It is not always correct, but it is a good start.

The HEART is the Root of ALL Evil

I am currently watching RULER: MASTER OF MASK.  I caught up to episode 28. That screen shot above is episode 28 opening picture. Isn’t Yoo Seung Ho very compelling? I have about 6 episodes left of his older show called I MISS YOU. I remember how intense his gaze is. He can say so much with his face. Episodes 25-28 of RULER takes me through a roller coaster of emotions. Anger, disappointment, pain, happiness, and despair. Yes, all in 4-half hour episodes. 

Why am I saying that the HEART is the root of ALL EVIL? When a heart loves or hates, that’s when evil come. 

One must see this historical drama and others like it and you will know the truth of that statement. This drama explained that even the arch-evil Dae Mok became that way because he loved his wife. When he lost his wife, his heart then passionately feel that he must have power. That quest to power means he does not care what he must do to achieve such power and keep it.

Then, Ga Eun’s father died because the Crown Prince loves his people. His heart is burning with justice and fairness for his people. He ordered Ga Eun’s father to investigate the water mafia. Ga Eun’s father ended up dying for it.

Fake King Lee Seon was driven to betray his friendship (along with some compelling inducement for betrayal) because he loves Ga Eun. They were childhood friends even if their social strata is not equal. Because he has a heart full of love for Gaun and anger at the Prince, Fake King betrayed the Crown Prince. Ga Eun’s heart broke. For her father, and probably for having loved the Crown Prince.

Ga Eun loves her father. The one thing she wanted above all others was to restore his father’s standing. To not be dead forever and ever as a traitor. Understandable. Because her heart loves, she was not able to reason and see clearly that the Crown Prince is a good man. Because Ga Eun’s heart is full of anger, she is blind to the Prince’s genuine love and regard for her. Episodes 26-27 just broke my heart for the earnest Crown Prince who wanted to vanquish the evil Dae Mock before coming clean to Ga Eun. 

If evil means forgetting having the Crown Prince forget the people he set out to protect in the beginning, then the Crown Prince’s heart is also the root of this evil. Dae Mok captured Ga Eun and held her hostage.  The Crown Prince, who is the hope of the people to right series of puppet kings Dae Mok puts in the throne, lost sight of that goal and close to make a sacrifice for himself.

I am not saying having a heart that feels strongly is wrong. Personally, if I had known my son Yoel was going to die soon, my heart would have lead me to do all sort of things to keep that from happening. I would probably turn evil to keep my son alive. Because my heart is full of love for my children. I would do anything. 

Would not having a heart that feel so strongly relieve us of evil? I do not know. I only know that with following the heart, a series of unfortunate events can be unleashed. 

Did you even wonder if the heart really is the root of all evil?

In Which Tropical Storm Cindy Messed Up My Vacation Plan

This picture has nothing to do with Tropical Storm Cindy. But last Wednesday, I have to go to Wilmer Municipal Court and their parking lot is under construction. I have to wade my way through here with my usual favorite shoes. Some spots are muddy and wet with runoff cement. However, I was so proud of myself for not getting any on my stilleto.

I was wearing this shoes. The judge mentioned that one of the office girls got mud on her shoes and have a tough time removing the mud. I was happy to note that none of that stuff got on my shoes. Of course, I must have been a sigh picking my way through the parking lot with my heels and gingerly finding spots to walk on.

Now, back to my vacation plan at the beach at North Padre Island off Corpus Christie. I reserved two rooms at Holiday Inn because my sister and her family is also coming. It was non-refundable rooms. Yes, I know. We were leaving this Sunday, June 25.  My cousin is also going to be there, so it would have been a mini-reunion for us. Yossi is going to turn 13 on Tuesday, so we were planning to celebrate his birthday down there. Then, on Tuesday night, five days before the vacation, I got a text from my sister saying she’s cancelling the trip. As a consolation, she was still going to come.

Now, I don’t handle change very well. It takes me a bit of time to find my foot and right my off-kilter emotions. I ran through gamut of emotions for about 10 hours after that pronouncement.  My sister said there was thunderstorm and she would not go. I was thinking, what’s a little rain, huh? Still seething about the cancelled trip, I sulk all night long.

Then, I found out that TROPICAL STORM CINDY is set to land at the coast along the Gulf of Mexico. The thunderstorm has a name. Now, I freaked out too. Called my cousin in Colorado to warn them. However, they are also monitoring the weather and was stil set on going. I have cancelled my hotel and other reservations yesterday. I feel really bad not being able to see my cousin.

The truth is my uncle died during a tropical storm in the Philippines. The rescuers found his body buried halfway in the sand near the ocean and river flow. I am not going towards a storm if I can help it. So, I am going to New York and Broadway instead.

RULER: Mater of the Mask (Korean Drama)

I waited until I have enough episodes to binge on before starting. I hate having to wait for the next episodes. Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun did a great job here. I did not like the first episode where the Crown Prince met Hwa Goon first. Why couldn’t they have him met Ga Eun first instead? 

I really like this scene where they went sailing to find out more about the lack of availability of copper. Copper is needed to coin money and the baddies are hard at work to make that happen. The fake King is barely holding on.  Again, why isn’t the beautiful scene with Ga Eun instead, huh?

I wanted to pair up the baddies princess with the fake King, and the Crown Prince with Ga Eun.  I actually haven’t finished a drama which stars Yoo Seung Ho.  I tried two and got distracted with other dramas.  He is a compelling actor. This is probably the first one of his drama that I will finish and then I am going back and working my way to his older ones.

Friday Lunch with Iliana

My  Friday started with a court appearance in Plano Municipal Court, then on to Collin County Justice of the Peach Precinct 3-2. While at JP, I heard a client arrived late at Plano MC, so I had to go back just to be nice. It took about half an hour of my time. Then, I went to Dallas Municipical Court to get court dates for some of my cases. I am so glad for my signature stamper because it was faster to sign my forms. Afterwards, I went to JASON’S DELI at Northwest Highway to meet with Iliana. 

It was my first time at JASON’S DELI. I got the manager’s special of sandwiches, soup, and chips. My sandwich was Turkey on multi-grain bread. It was delicious. I only had one bite because there was free ice cream, mini-muffins, and mini-cornbread. Of course, I had to eat the free things first. I also ate about 8 ice cream cone without the ice cream. I am a little obsessed with ice cream cone but not with ice cream. I am also obsessed with my weight. I think I am gaining weight with ice cream cones.

Worth noting is the server named Gary. He was very attentive and pleasant all around without being cloying. Well done, Gary!

Later in the day, I went to see GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 with my husband and my baby boy. That baby is 11 and taller than I am. I enjoyed it a lot. The story about the Dad being an evil G-d, that was cute and intertainig. Groot is as cute as ever. I was entertained. Isn’t that what a movie is for?

Angela’s Crosswalk

I arrived half hour earlier than my 9AM court and decided to have tea and eggs at a quaint place called ANGELA’S AT THE CROSSWALK in downtown Plano. The tea is not to hot, which means I can drink it right away. The scrambled eggs has nice texture to it. I prefer more spices when I make it at home. This is good too. Oh, I have 15 minutes to finish my eggs and make it to court.

The decor is very charming. They even have old world sounding music to match. The walls is a mixture of stripped bricks and finished wall. It is very pleasant here. They have extensive breakfast and brunch menu, but it is a stretch for me to eat the eggs. I am not hungry. But if I were, I would order the breakfast platter they have. It comes with salads and eggs and some other stuff. If you want a quiet place to eat and just decompress, this is the place.

Too Thai Street Eats

My friend Linda and I decided to eat Thai food at TOO THAI today. I stared at the menu for the longest time and cannot decide what I wanted. That taro slush at KUNG FU TEA earlier made me so full, I don’t think I would have to eat anything til tomorrow. And get this. That was the first “meal” I have for the day. I worry sometimes if I am going to become malnourish as I am so uninterested in food. I do like taking pictures of the pretty food though. In the end, I ordered this one pictured above.  It came with sticky rice and the beef was sun dried.  It was tasty, and I like the texture. Linda thought it was tough. It was delicious though.

When we eat Thai, Linda will always order the same thing. Pad Thai without the eggs. I should have asked them to put the eggs on the side. I like eggs. This is how the Pad Thai looked like without the egg. I ordered Pad Thai at NOODLE WAVE in Frisco, and it was slightly pink. It also came with a very cute carrots strings.  I like carrot strings. I could eat gallons of it. For the looks alone. This one tasted great actually. It has a hint of sweet. Linda should have asked it to be spicy, but she didn’t.

I noticed a row of spicy spice along one wall. It would have helped a lot with this post if I took a picture of it. I was tired, sleepy, and full of taro slush.  I did not bother taking a picture of it. Or of the neat walls.  I will have to go back and take pictures and post it here. I also detected a strong anchovy aroma. It came with the Papaya salad. I would have gotten it if not for the taro slush, and for the shrimp in the ingredients. I do not eat sea food except for a handful of exceptions. Tuna, Salmon, and it’s cousins.  Anything else looked like bugs to me and I don’t do bugs.

After we eat our dinner, Linda who wasn’t full of taro slush, went next door to KULA SUSHI and bought mango-strawberry mochi ice cream dessert. We ordered it to go because waiting time was 46 minutes.  As we went to a table to order from the screen, there were two perfectfly good chairs in front of us.  I thought we could sit there. But then I thought we could get lynched also from hungry people waiting in line. So, we took our to go order and eat it sitting on one of the chairs outside.